Innovative marine natural products


GlycoMar has established key collaborations with academic partners including:

  • Dr Dusan Uhrin, Reader in NMR Spectroscopy at the University of Edinburgh School of Chemistry - collaboration around characterisation of marine glycosaminoglycan structures using NMR spectroscopy. GlycoMar hosts a Knowledge Transfer Partnership (KTP) Associate, a former PhD student from Dr Uhrin's group and sponsors his current PhD student.

  • Prof. Marcel Jaspars, Professor of Organic Chemistry at Univeristy of Aberdeen Marine Biodiscovery Centre - marine natural products drug disovery collaboration.

  • Scottish Association for Marine Science - multiple collaborations including Dr Maeve Kelly's group to characterise potential new drugs isolated from sea cucumber and Dr. Michele Stanley's group to optimise polysaccharide production from new commercial micro algae species.

  • GlycoMar is a founding member of the IBCarb network of glycoscientists from industry and academia. GlycoMar is establishing new collaborations with a number of network members to address synthesis of saccharides, in silico modelling of anti-inflammatory saccharides, and use of glycoarrays for determining saccharide - protein interactions.

  • GlycoMar is part of the SUBMARINER blue biotech network, and part of the Phyconet industrial biotechnology network.