Innovative marine natural products



GlycoMar’s team has between them over 100 years experience in marine biotechnology and drug discovery & development, providing the depth and breadth of knowledge and experience required to innovate effectively.


Management & Board

The team is led by:

Dr Charlie Bavington, Ph.D., Managing Director

Founder of GlycoMar. He is a biochemist with over 15 years experience in marine biotechnology. A graduate of the University of Edinburgh, he completed his Ph.D. at the same university, studying proteoglycan metabolism in cartilage. This was followed by postdoctoral research at Dunstaffnage marine lab studying invertebrate glycans and cell adhesion. Subsequently he worked for Integrin Advanced Biosystems Ltd, a marine biotechnology and testing company, holding the positions of Operations Manager and Research & Development Manager. His commercial interests are in entrepeneurship and development of effective life science innovation business models. His scientific interest is in glycobiology and its role in cell-cell interactions.

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Dr Mike Wyllie, Ph.D., DSc., Chairman & Non-executive Director

Dr Wyllie has over 30 years of experience in senior management positions in the pharmaceutical industry. He is a director and founder of Global Pharma Consulting and is a graduate of the University of Aberdeen. While Director of Biology at Pfizer, he was involved in the discovery, development, regulatory filing and marketing of eight major pharmaceutical products including amlodipine (Norvasc) doxazosin (Cardura), darifenacin (Enablex), fluconazole (Diflucan), sertraline (Zoloft) and sildenafil (Viagra). Subsequently, Dr Wyllie has been involved in founding several start-up companies and the successful listing of four of these on the London Stock Market. He is founder and Chief Scientific Officer of Plethora Solutions, Plc, which has a product, PSD502 (Fortacin), approved in the EU for premature ejaculation and undergoing regulatory review by the FDA. He is Chairman of Morvus Ltd, the oncology company and is a non-executive director of Repros Therapeutics the NASDAQ-listed development stage biopharmaceutical company in Houston.



Mr John Whitehead, OBE, Non-executive Director

John has many years experience in food production and processing, latterly as Managing Director of Dundee food manufacturers Top Hat Holdings Ltd. He is the immediate past Chairman of Seafish, a founder Director of the Food & Drink Exporters Association, and a Director of Improve, the Sector Skills Council for Food & Drink. He currently chairs the Certification Council of Scottish Food Quality Certification Ltd and holds non-executive appointments with Strathmore Foods Ltd and Gourmet’s Choice Ltd.



Scientific Advisory Board

Professor Marcel Jaspars

Professor of organic chemistry at the University of Aberdeen. Research in the Jaspars group focuses on the functions and applications of natural products, particularly those from marine invertebrates. The goal of the work is to determine the biological role of selected natural products as well as using others as pharmaceuticals, tools for biomedical research, fluorosensors and catalysts. The main themes of his research are the functions and applications of natural products, particularly those from marine organisms. This encompasses two broad areas, the use of marine natural products as potential pharmaceuticals and tools for biomedical research and the interactions of these metabolites with transition metals.



Professor George Nuki, MB, FRCP, FFPM

Emeritus Professor of Rheumatology and the University of Edinburgh, Queens Medical Research Institute. Professor Nuki is a world expert in osteoarthritis research, famous for developing the Pond-Nuki animal model of osteoarthritis.



Dr. Barbara Mulloy

Barbara Mulloy worked for over 30 years at the National Institute for Biological Standards and Control (NIBSC); for the past 20 years in the Laboratory for Molecular Structure, developing novel spectroscopic and analytical techniques for the physicochemical characterization of biological therapeutic agents. In 2012 she retired from NIBSC, continuing to work with the United States Pharmacopeia and collaborating with a number of academic groups. She is Visiting Professor of Structural Biochemistry at Royal Holloway, Visiting Professor of Analytical Biochemistry at King’s College London, and is a Visiting Researcher at the Glyosciences Laboratory, Imperial College.

The anticoagulant glycosaminoglycan heparin has been at the centre of her research interests because of its wide use in medicine, and increasingly because the developments in heparin derivatives (such as low molecular weight heparins) have made necessary a closer understanding of the molecular basis for the biological activities of heparins and heparin-like compounds.s.