Biological and chemical diversity from the oceans


Marine Invertebrates in Drug Discovery

GlycoMar is developing novel saccharide products from marine invertebrates. These are entering our preclinical pipeline and that of our partner Verona Pharma.

Marine Invertebrates

There are 32 invertebrate phyla, of which of which 10 phyla exist in terrestrial environments and 27 phyla living in the sea, of which 14 are exclusively marine. Examples of major marine phyla are shown in the phylogenetic tree below.

Animal phylogeny

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GlycoMar is working with species from 9 marine invertebrate phyla. The species we work with are selected to provide a sustainable source of biomass for the initial discovery phase. If a species delivers a product of interest we seek semi-synthetic routes to production so that we can be confident of future commercial and environmental sustainability.

Diversity of invertebrate phyla

GlycoMar is working with species from the highlighted phyla.