Innovative marine natural products



GlycoMar's success is dependent on collaboration with commercial and academic partners to develop, produce and market products.

GlycoMar is working with MicroA  of Norway for the production of novel polysaccharides from marine microalga cultivated using MicroA’s patented photobioreactor (PBR) technology. The companies have established Prasinotech Ltd, a joint venture company for the manufacture of microalgal polysaccharides.

GlycoMar is working Biopol of Iceland to develop a valuable nutritional supplement derived from fisheries by-rpoduct. GlycoMar is also working with two multinational food companies to develop novel ingredients.

In addition to these key collaborations GlycoMar is continuing to seek new partners interested in developing intellectual property (IP) and therapeutics based on glycobiology products, or provide technical and commercial capabilities not available in house. We will consider joint ventures where IP is shared, or licensed.

We are particularly interested in pharmaceutical, nutraceutical or cosmeceutical organisations as potential licensees.

If you are interested in licensing GlycoMar’s technology or if you have technology that may be of interest to GlycoMar please contact us.