Marine biotechnology for human health,
personal care, and the life sciences

Personal Care


Our first cosmetic ingredient products are PrasinoPS and Prasinoguard. These products are manufactured by Prasinotech Ltd, a microalgae manufacturing company established as a joint venture between Glycomar & MicroA AS.


GlycoMar has developed processes for the production and evaluation of polysaccharides from unicellular microalgae. A range of microalgal phylogenetic groups with known polysaccharide production potential are being investigated.

Target characteristics evaluated at GlycoMar:

  • Production form microalgae in bioreactor
  • Chemical free extraction
  • Water soluble products
  • Suitable activity profiles relevant to skin and eye care based on:
    • Low/no toxicity / allergenicity
    • anti-inflammatory activity evaluated in skin cells


Microalgal derived products have advantages for cosmetic development over existing marine based ingredients

  • plant derived
  • can be grown in bioreactors under standardised conditions
  • full reproducibility and traceability

GlycoMar is working in partnership with MicroA in Norway to commercialise a skincare ingredient derived from a marine microalga. The product has the INCI name Prasinoguard, for full details see our marketing information sheet. The microalga is grown using MicroA's patented photobioreactor technology, which provides sustainable, high quality, and high volume production. GlycoMar and MicroA are working with academic partners, supported by the Industrial Biotechnology Innovation Centre (IBioIC), to minimise production cost and maximise product value. The IBioIC Exemplar project will be conducted in collaboration with the Scottish Association for Marine Science (SAMS), the University of Edinburgh Complex Fluid Partnership, and the University of Strathclyde. The technology being evaluated in this project is also likely to have wider benefit to GlycoMar and MicroA’s other R&D streams by providing underpinning technology for future production.


If you are interested in licensing GlycoMar’s technology or if you have technology that may be of interest to GlycoMar please contact us.