Biological and chemical diversity from the oceans

GlycoMar has the multidisciplinary expertise required for successful commercial carbohydrate product research and development:

  • Carbohydrate chemistry – extraction and purification from a wide range of raw materials / biomass

  • Carbohydrate chemistry – purity, composition and structural analysis

  • Carbohydrate chemistry – modification of structure and molecular weight

  • Glycobiology – in vitro anti-inflammatory, pro-inflammatory, and safety screening using human cells

  • Glycobiology – in vitro models for inflammatory disorders

  • Process development – development of scalable methods for the manufacture of novel carbohydrate products

  • Algal polysaccharides – specialist expertise in cultivation of marine microalgae, and extraction and processing of all types algal polysaccharides


GlycoMar offers a full range of carbohydrate R&D services from discovery through to pilot scale processing, built on 12 years commercial R&D experience.

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